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In With The Old
Sabres officially unveil new third jersey

The Sabres will wear the new jersey for the first time against the Bruins on November 26th.

BUFFALO (LGS) — The Buffalo Sabres have officially released their brand new third jersey.

The team's new alternate jersey is a throwback to the original blue sweaters but with some updated design elements and colors.

The vintage logo has also been brought back but with some minor alterations that the Sabres feel will help it stand out more.

"The first thing we wanted to do is go to our new color scheme, which is the deeper blue and gold," said Frank Cravotta in a press release on Sabres.com. "After that we added the striping pattern, introduced some silver accents in it and put some silver vertical piping along the front."

Cravotta is the Director of Creative Services for the Sabres and the head designer of the new alternate jersey.

Fans can pre-order the new jersey at The Sabres Store in HSBC Arena. Shipments of the jerseys are expected to arrive at the store in November.

The Sabres are expected to wear their new alternate jersey for the first time against the Boston Bruins on Wednesday, November 26th.

By Paul Szeglowski, LGS Site Manager
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